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Marketing Packages start from as little as R1500 a month

Check out our price list below and let us know how we can throw a little thunder your way!

 “After gaining experience in the beauty and fashion space over the last few years, I noticed a huge gap In the market for boutique agencies that understand the needs of working with start ups with limited budgets needing huge impact on social media.” 



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We bridge the gap between brands and online customers

We use professional photography, creative videography and well thought-out content creation to bring your brand's visions to LIFE. Through our knowledge in effective digital strategy, our goal is to take your product or service to market ensuring your brands message is clear and direct. We want you to be noticed in all the best ways in a over saturated market. Our team is constantly innovating and analysing consumer buying behaviours to help you make sales and make you stand out on social media.

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Check out who we work with

We are so lucky to be able to partner up with some amazing brands out there and we hope that you will be next!

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Influencer PR Management

A main objective and goal for us as an agency is to take the negative stigmas around influencer marketing away and help your brand be get onto the feeds of content creators all over the world through effective and hands on management. No more follow ups and stressing over wasted traded exchanges, Get influencer marketing to work for your brand while creating long lasting valuable relationships with those influencers within your niche. 


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